Cambridge Audio
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Every Cambridge Audio product is created from scratch in our London design centre where we custom develop every component and circuit to meet our own specific requirements. Getting the foundations right in every product is critical to the performance and where necessary, we design bespoke components to suit the precise needs of each product. That’s because when it comes to really important components like transformers and CD transports, we just don’t believe that off-the-shelf parts will make the grade. These key internal aspects of architecture are then carefully matched to a huge array of carefully selected ancillary components which are hand-selected by our team of engineers after evaluating all available options. As you can imagine, this is a time-consuming process but every capacitor, transistor and piece of cable that goes into our products plays its own part in the overall sound and we believe the effort we spend perfecting the sound of each product will be appreciated by the most important ears in the business – yours.