Clearaudio Innovation Basic

Posted on: October 12, 2016

Introducing the latest models of turntable and tonearm from Clearaudio - INNOVATION BASIC WOOD Turntable with TT-5 Tangential Tonearm:

Sharing design and construction features with Clearaudio Innovation series, the new Innovation Basic Wood turntable features a 38mm-thick, dynamically-balanced POM platter. The optimally designed tri-star chassis minimizes resonance in the audible range while delivering maximum stability. The Ceramic Magnetic Bearing (CMB) and Optical Speed Control (OSC) combine with Clearaudio’s custom high-torque DC motor for excellent speed stability. The Innovation Basic features a second tonearm mount and is available in silver or black aluminum with Natural or Piano Black Lacquer panzerholz wood. It also provides upgrade options to the higher models in the Innovation Series up to the Master Innovation.
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